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Movies Super - 2010


aka ginger warlock
Super - 2010

Super 2010 Trailer

I had never heard about this film until about five minutes ago from a friend, I am not massively into the whole mock superhero movies but this I found very funny, I also love Ellen Page. I am not sure if this has been released as IMDB are not being very helpful but I do hope I can find this as I think it looks very good.


I did hear about this and watch the trailer a while ago, this type of film seems really popular now, I do like Ellen Page so I will probably see it. I doubt it will be as good as something like Kick-Ass though.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I think this could be funny, I like his weapon of choice... A Wrench haha From the trailer it looks like Kick-Ass starring adults instead. Like Crouton I doubt it will live up to Kick-Ass but I'll give it a chance. It has to be better than Superhero Movie, right?