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Sup, brothers and mothers of NF?


New Member
What’s up people? My name is Jony. I am the greatest guitar player in the world and I will stop at nothing to prove it. I have been playing guitar since I was 9 years of age, so on the whole not long. However, I practice every minute of every day of every hour. I don’t let time waste.

Sure I occasionally go swimming and sure I occasionally kick back and give my abs a workout. However, I devote most of my time to playing guitar. The source of my inspiration is my soul and what it inhales, I smoke weed every now and again as a source of inspiration. However, I don’t use it so I get completely stoned; just enough to get me all philosophical and then I input those philosophies into my songs.

I grew up in a poor area of Jamaica and started learning guitar on an old guitar my neighbor gave me; it had one string missing so it was hard to learn all the chords properly. Then when I was about 11 my father had a promotion at his job and gave us a good home in England. It had three floors, which is a lot considering I lived in a bungalow in Jamaica.

So yeah, I now live comfortably in a home in England, with a computer that doesn’t lag and works. I came across GF out of boredom. Welcome me! ^_^​


Haters gonna hate.

The music section on this forum is a very good one, so be active there.