S'up and Hello



Evening guys,

Just got invited to join this place, so thought I'd drop a quick hello. My names Si, and I live in the sunny ole' UK (Bristol to be specific) which is mostly pretty good.

Number one thing I give a damn about is Music (play Guitar / Bass / Drums / Violin - yeah my neighbours love me!), closely followed by International Politics (see, balance the cool with the boring...) which also combines pretty nicely in my love for Hip-Hop and Punk.

Anyways, time for me to have an explore on this site (while my manager is away, *evil smirk*).


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums, I am glad you've decided to join these forums, just to let you know I'm the one who private messages you to join. I am sure if you give these forums a chance you'll like them a lot, enjoy Fusion Central, and please stay active. See ya around.