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Hardware Sunset Lightbulbs


aka ginger warlock
More often than not most technology that comes out has a "bit of a lark" aspect to it, especially when it comes to the bedroom and trying it get a decent nights sleep. Others like myself may have tried different things from listening to calming music or having whitenoise programs to try to get me into a decent sleep mode but this is the first bit of tech I have seen that could have a massive amount of potential, here is a video to explain it:

Drift Light

Now I am unsure of how this will work in a practical sense. For example it seem to require that you use this for just under half an hour before you intend to sleep. I don't know about anyone else but this seems like it would be difficult. I am unsure of when I drop off and the idea having to force myself to get into a position where I can be ready to sleep is hard, I have a hard time getting off to sleep but this may do some good. I have not managed to find a carrier here in the UK but I do intend to try to find one as well as somewhere that I can get a SAD light for winter this year as I have been told they are also affective for reducing moods and also give more energy.

This is the website saying more about it and it has links to buy it within the US. These bulbs are not cheap at 29 dollers per bulb but I imagine they would last you a while on the basis they are energy efficient light bulbs and that they are only going to be used for less than half an hour per day.

I am going to try and get hold of one, would anyone else be interested in this?