Suns Outlast Mavericks in Double-Overtime Classic

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Fresh, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Well that's two in a row for the mavs, and now they don't have a chance to set the record for the best record during a full season which was set by the Bulls when they went 72-10. This was a great game, and now its difficult to say who's the best team in the West.
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    Entertaining game.. watched the whole thing.
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    THis loss I'm not disappointed at. at all. I missed like 10 minutes of the 3rd quarter, but watched everything else.

    I think this game just proved that Nash is the MVP. He made the 3 to tie after Dirk missed (where have I seen this before?) a freethrow to win te game. Then Dirk missed a potential game winner and the tying jumper at the end of 2nd OT. Dallas made several crappy mistakes too that killed their chances.

    Still, two huge lead swings in one game by the two best teams in the NBA is pretty sweet.
  5. You said it oxy....Nash is a SOLID MVP contender. This game was tight for more reasons than one. Thanks for posting the recap 'fresh', now I don't have to go hunt it down on

    Classic game. Cuban storming off and pushing the camera out of his way was even more classic-crybaby Cuban. I hope they fine him for baby-like actions.

    If Cuban were a REAL owner, he would have his Eyez on the Prize and be glad that the regular season distractions are out of the way and now they can focus on what REALLY matters....the playoffs.
    Trying to beat/match the Bulls record? Give me a break. The power structure of the NBA is so different nowadays that regular season stats don't mean squat.
    I'm just sad that now the Mavs aren't as distracted by this regular-season mirage and are going to get focused on the playoffs...Dammm, I was enjoying the stupidity on their part.

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