Suns or Warriors-Whos more exciting to watch?


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Like the thread say which team do you think is more exciting to watch?
Warriors are more exciting to watch. Just because they have Monta Ellis. That guy is the most explosive guard I've seen in a while. Leandro Barbosa doesn't even come near the explosiveness of Ellis.


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When GS is playing well, it's going to be GS by a landslide. Who the hell hits 3s like they do? Phoenix kind of did, but they've backed off a little.


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Both teams are exciting to watch, and when they're going to play each other next season it's going to be exciting. Personally I rather watch the Warriors as well, they're an explosive team, they make threes like there's no tommorow. Both teams are high scoring teams but I rather watch the Warriors over the Suns.


Overall the Suns are more excting on a night to night basis...come playof time THE WARRIORS BY FAR!