Suns, Nash hope to revive offense vs. Mavs



PHOENIX -- Steve Nash took only one shot in the second half of the Suns' Game 2 loss to Dallas in the Western Conference finals.

But Phoenix coach Mike D'Antoni said he won't tell the NBA's two-time MVP to shoot more often in Game 3 on Sunday night.

Facing constant double-teams by the Mavericks, Nash looked for the open man. But the Suns shot 44.9 percent from the floor, and 43.5 percent from beyond the 3-point arc. The result: a 105-98 loss that sent the series to Phoenix tied 1-1.

"When we lose and the other guys don't make the shot, you go, 'Oh man, [Nash has] got to take more shots,' " D'Antoni said after the Suns practiced Saturday. "But when he does what he does and has 20 assists and the other guys are knocking shots down, then he did the right thing. So it's hard to tell before [a game] what he has to be."

Dallas coach Avery Johnson, who ripped his team's defensive effort in Game 1, dismissed the suggestion that the Mavericks have figured out a way to stop Nash.
Do you think that Phoenix to score or to get assists or make plays? Should he shoot more or try and get double teams to find open men?
State your opinion.
Also for game 3 tonight, Barbosa is expected to start, do you think he can bring them some intensity?
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Steve will always get the assists. I think he just decides when, if ever he wants to shoot. He was doing well in the first half but the second he didnt shoot at all. Phoenix really could use some consistent scoring from him. He's a great shooter, its not like Shaq shooting a three pointer. His shots are usually called for.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yes Nash will get is assists when needed and if the Suns need some scoring he'll bethere as well, so no matter what he helps the team, and if at the beggining of the game he decided to start shooting and is shots don't go in then he'll affect the game in another way.