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Sunday nights before a work week


Living in Ikoria
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9-5 workers - how do you spend your Sunday nights...those fleeting final hours before the work week begins?

To me, Sunday night is always a battle...I usually stay up later than I should to try and savor the finally minutes of the week. I don't hate my job, but I still do not look forward to waking up on Monday morning and having to face an entire week again. I'll usually just watch TV or read late...I enjoy my video games but try not to play them too late because I'll have trouble getting to sleep.


Embrace the Suck
I usually just relax, try to get in a short workout and just watch TV or jump on here. I wanted to rested for Monday morning so I try not to stay up too late.


I used to spend my Sunday nights curled up in a ball crying. :lol: I hate the feeling that you only have a few hours of freedom before you need to sleep and then start your week again. Fortunately, my schedule has changed and I don't work Mondays anymore. Unfortunately, it's only postponed that feeling by one day. Haha.


It's not me, it's you.
I usually spend mine by cleaning, doing laundry, catching up on TV shows, playing games, and getting my lunches ready for work. I usually do too much cooking and preparing, but if I don't then I'll be late Monday morning.

I also tend to stay up wayyy too late. I've usually stayed up late Friday and Saturday so it's hard to get to sleep sunday night. I should have been in bed 45 minutes ago but plan on watching 1.5 more episodes of shows. lol

Maybe I'll go make some sleepy time tea and hope that I get tired when they're over.


Creeping On You
Generally I just try to watch tv, and not do anything too fun, otherwise the time will pass too fast. Or like tonight, since I slept so much on the weekend, I find myself untired now as I try to hit the sack. So I just stay up late watching netflix, HOPING that I'll fall asleep. At some point in time.


Sally Twit
I will always watch something on Netflix, log on to GF and then spend the remainder of the night feeling sorry for myself. I always get a horrible feeling in my stomach when I think about Mondays.


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Does school count as work?

I usually spend my Sunday nights much like my regular free time. This includes stuff such as hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing games, and GF of course. If I'm feelin stressed for whatever reason then I'll find my favorite reading spot and read a good book.

I love Sundy nights. :)


I hate Sunday, especially Sunday nights because of work that is supposed to be the day after.

Anyway, a Sunday night is a typical night for me to shave my legs. The only time of the week when I find time for that. In rare cases I'll watch Youtube videos.


Problematic Shitlord
I usually just relax, try to get in a short workout and just watch TV or jump on here. I wanted to rested for Monday morning so I try not to stay up too late.
When I was working my 7-4 at Wal Mart, I would do this. Try my best to chill out, enjoy the night and sleep a bit early so Monday doesn't drag so hard. Today is technically my 'Sunday' since I've had two days off and now 5 days coming on so tonight I'll have a beer, watch some NFL reruns (I need football back yesterday) and probably game a bit.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I try my best to relax on the Sunday before a work week. It may be the only personal time that I can get all week and those few hours are important for sanity. I may have a few beers, watch TV, play games, or get extra quality time in with the GF. I almost never leave the house and absolutely never do any chores or work.