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PPV SummmerSlam '10 pics: Axxess, pt. 1 of 2


Lion Rampant
Until I got to the Staples Center, I didn't realize that my path to the entrance would take me right past the Axxess action. The only one I'd seen, the first Axxess at WM 2000, had been held indoors. But when I saw a familiar wide-brimmed hat and giant chin in front of me, I started to point and shoot.

Sgt. Slaughter (with Roddy Piper, not shown)

Just beyond that, I ran into the very lovely Bella twins. They looked genuinely happy to be there. One of them looked over just as I took this shot and posed for me with a friendly wave and a grin.

Unfortunately, as she did so, my camera went off prematurely in my hand and all I got was this pic of the crowd barrier.

I did get two more snaps of them that might be worth a look.

Ted Dibiase, Jr. was a pleasant surprise. He also looked genuinely happy to be there and was smiling every time I saw him. His signing partner, however, seemed to have no trouble staying in condescending character - at least, that's what I got from her body language when greeting the fans.

Ted and Maryse

Random fan picture: It isn't every day that you see a guy sling his championship belt over his shoulder before using the crosswalk. How much do you want to bet that in this guy's imagination it was Nexus coming at him from the other curb?

Jillian was fun to watch and, like a number I've seen and met (including Chyna, believe it or not), she's better-looking in person than on the screen. As a former Minnesota chubby kid, she good-naturedly laughs off the star attention she gets. So, when she looked over just as I was grabbing this shot and posed for me with her chest out in mock sexiness, I got the joke she was having with herself.

Unfortunately, as she did so, my camera went off prematurely in my hand...

Axxess light towers

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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Those are amazing pictures Tucker, you're lucky to see so many great things. Ted DeBiase always seemed like a down to earth kind of guy to me. I think his father gave him real good advice before starting the Wrestling business.

Nice ass shot of the Bella twins as well :D


"Expect the unexpected"
Unfortunately, as she did so, my camera went off prematurely in my hand...
What's up with you and your camera......have you no self control? Ha ha ha :lol:
Great pics bro! Looking forward to pt.2. Thanks for the pics (especially the ones with the Bella twins :D)


Maryse, The Bellas and Jillian were the best part. I love seeing images of them away from the ring. The most beautiful women in the WWE, imo.

Should have asked Jillian to sing you a little tune. Break your camera before you could take any more pictures. ;X