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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Millz, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Millz

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    With Summerslam coming next month I thought it would be fun to look back at the previous Summerslams and reminise about the past and get some discussion going. I might move this to PPV's but for now I'll keep it here because its a different type of discussion.


    This will be the 22nd annual Summerslam PPV event...let's look back at the main events from the past 22 years...

    1988: Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage vs Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant

    1989: Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake vs Randy Savage and Zeus

    1990: The Ultimate Warrior vs Ravishing Rick Rude in a cage for the title

    1991: Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior vs Sgt Slaughter, Col Mustafa & General Adnan in the match made in Hell...3 against 2.

    1992: Bret Hart vs the British Bulldog for the IC title

    1993: Yokozuna vs Lex Luger for the WWe title

    1994: The Undertaker vs "The Undertaker" (Although you could make the argument for Bret Hart vs Owen Hart for the WWE title...but the Taker vs Taker match was last on the card)

    1995: Diesel vs King Mabel for the WWE title

    1996: Shawn Michaels vs Vader for the WWE title

    1997: The Undertaker vs Bret Hart for the WWE title

    1998: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker for the WWE title

    1999: Steve Austin vs Triple H vs Mankind for the WWE title

    2000: The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs Triple H for the WWE title

    2001: Booker T vs The Rock for the WCW title

    2002: The Rock vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Undisputed Title

    2003: Triple H vs Chris Jericho vs Kevin Nash vs Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton vs Goldberg in an Elimination Chamber for the World Title

    2004: Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton for the World Title

    2005: Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels (again it was last sooo yeah)

    2006: Edge vs John Cena for the WWE title

    2007: John Cena vs Randy Orton for the WWE title

    2008: The Undertaker vs Edge in Hell in the Cell

    2009: TDB

    I think its fun to go back and look at the main events...people can remember Wrestlemania main events but rarely Summerslam.

    Credit wikiepedia with some help on these haha

  2. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    I just watched part of this match and LMAO - I never knew about this until now. I guess I wasn't a true fan way back when. haha - funny match.
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    There was a lot of great matches in Summerslam history, but the best one for me was in 1991 when Bret Hart took on Mr. Perfect for the IC belt. The match was flawless, entertaining, non-stop action. Bret Hart even kicked out of the perfect plex, first person to ever do so. Also Perfect didn't want to wrestle that night because of a back injury, but Vince forced him to wrestle, but Perfect said I'll only do it if it's against Bret, because he doesn't injure anyone and he'll be careful with his back. If you haven't seen that match I suggest you to do so. It's amazing.
  4. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    I remember the Ultimate Warrrior kicking out of it in a match in like 1990 or something but I won't hold it against ya :lol: I only say that because I'm sure they said THAT was the first time but that's how people act in wrestling...they ignore the past lol.

    But anyways, I have that particular Summerslam on was pretty good. It also featured the first (and only) Jail House Match between Bossman and the Mountie...and the first ever time the Million Dollar Championship was on the line where Virgil pinned Ted DiBiase. There was no WWE title match but the undercard made the show worth while.
  5. Anthony1975

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    When the fake Undertaker showed up he fooled a lot of people. Nobody believed me when I told them it was Brian Lee (Went on to be Chainz in Disciples of Apocalypse) said I was full of it.
  6. Evad

    Evad Registered Member

    Nice recap... Some great memories from those old shows.
  7. artk

    artk Registered Member

    1992: Bret Hart vs the British Bulldog for the IC title.

    This is one of my all time favorite matches. I remember after the match, no one was sure how Bret was going to react to his loss. When he shook the british bulldog's hand, the crowd went wild. Epic moment.
  8. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    Definitely an awesome match and it was also cool that McMahon let them go last. Can you imagine an Intercontinental Title match as the last match on a show these days?

    It helped the match was in England but still an awesome decision.

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