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PPV SummerSlam exclusive blooper video


Lion Rampant
WWE took exception to my posting of this footage and YouTube said I'm on last strike with them over copyright issues (they had previously nailed me for some Cat in the Hat clips). The video is now deleted from my YT upload list. I don't know why we can still watch it here, but I just clicked and it played. If you haven't seen it yet, now would be a good time!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Damn, I saw this thread at work, and I can't view any videos at work. I totally forgot about it, and now I can't see the video.

That sucks about WWE doing this though.


Lion Rampant
I don't see how it did them any harm. Oh well, I still have the original. Remind me to set up an alternate YT account, haha.
The heck? I'm watching it again. How is this possible?
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Wait, what!? How can they ban a clip that YOU took? This wasn't WWE's property to take down since you were the one who shot the footage. That's whack, I say you fight it. An abuse in the copyright law and fair use act.

And, the clip is taken down so I can't comment on the video.


Lion Rampant
It's all legal on their end, Vilks. The tickets I bought came with a contract prohibiting video cameras and their use inside the arena. I have lots of stills, though, that they don't begrudge me, and I'll be posting a first page of those in a bit.
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