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Summer Trend Should Be Treated As Public Indecency


New Member
These ungodly clothing style, apparently thought of by the gay community of Miami, Florida - needs to be lawfully treated and punish the wearers for public indecency. It is exactly the same as being naked, you can see almost everything, it's gross, I mean, what if a child sees something like that, a person could sue the wearer and ruin his life by making that person a life-convicted pedophile.

These trends need to stop now.
Do something about them, please.
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Registered Member
What the hell are you taking about? Post some links to pictures please.


Problematic Shitlord
What the hell are you taking about? Post some links to pictures please.
He did, they were deemed inappropriate. It was basically two men wearing banana hammocks (Google at your own risk).

I don't see a problem with it since a lot of women are two strips of clothing away from being naked on the beach, too.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I have to agree with Merc, women wearing thong bikinis don't cover any more than this did. So unless you stop the thong bikinis you can't stop these men from wearing that.