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Summer plans?


What plans do you have for this summer?
Right now I don't have any plans. I'm thinking of traveling around Europe but nothing confirmed so far.


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Unfortunately, I don't get to see a summer this year. I'm changing hemispheres at the wrong time and going straight from winter to winter. So, i'm jealous that you get summer


Supreme System Lord
After recently quiting my job, I'm looking forward to a long summer!

Have a few open bowls tournaments in August, lots of football, drinking and plenty of parties to attend.

A good oppurtunity to hit the gym aswell, seeing as I have loads of time on my hands.


yellow 4!
I got some small amusement from the 'similar threads' down the bottom of the page.

Going to Colorado in August. That's about it as far as definite plans go. Oh and the GF UK meet up :) but I guess that's technically after Summer.


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Right now it's basically work and enjoying my weekends. I already had my vacation, which I went to Las Vegas for eight nights. But summer is almost over so I'll try to spend as much time outside as I possibly can. I'll be going to a few cities like Toronto and a few other places, but nothing major.

Mostly beach, baseball, patio, driving range, beer, bars, girls. Not all in that order.


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we went down to Staffordshire at the end of may for a week in a cottage by the canal,,, we hired a canal boat out on one of the days and it was an excellent week even weather wise. next month we are going the other direction up to Kelso in Scotland for a week so im hoping we get some pleasant weather again. :) My sister and her little doggie are coming with us this time , so im sure my husband will sneak off quite often to do some fishing:-/


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Nothing special for summer this year. I don't take my vacations from work over the summer so I just enjoy my nights and weekends. Typical summer stuff.


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I'm just planning to survive this horrible heatwave.

*keeps drinking lots of water while wearing just a thong*


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will i don't have any plans yet and i don't think i have one this summer because i real busy and i have more than one exams in next few months so the only plan is how i can study hard for exams :)