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Summer Plans?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Now that summer is quickly approaching, do you have any plans specific to summer? Things like going out for a hike or hikes, exercise more, BBQ's, family reunions, etc?

I'm planning on getting in good shape for some hiking. This is definitely the time of year to do it.


Well-Known Member
Well for us Southern Hemispherers, we quickly have winter approaching :mad: So for me it looks like i'll be scraping ice off my windshield, and running out of the rain and snow (it actually snowed the other day, its only May for fucks sake), while all you Notherners are enjoying summer.


Registered Member
I'll definitely spend some time at the beach or amusement parks. Nothing like pissing away money at an over crowded park.


Registered Member
summers been here, we've had 90s already

I have a trip in june to tennessee for our kidney camp and then just hitting the beach until i can get a part-time job again.

we don't do family reunions, they wouldn't turn out well


Endangered Species
Once my Uni year is up I have few things lined up on the to-do list for the long summer I have.

I promised my Mother I would do some hard landscaping in her garden including buiding a retaining wall and relaying the patio. That should keep me busy for at least a week or two. Im looking forward to it, I feel a little manual labour is what I need at the moment, sort of rejuvenation.

I also have to help my Father out at his business as he covered a few of my bills earlier in the year so I need to put some hours in to pay him back. Thats something Im not looking forward to as much.

Once I have got those out of the way I know my sister(whos pregnant) is back in the country for a couple of weeks so Im sure we will have a reunion of sorts.

I may try and get away for a few breaks as I have soooooo much time off. Probably nothing major just get in the car and drive somewhere with little planning or thought of destrination. (So watch out I may be in your area soon!)


Sally Twit
My sister is moving back here after 8 years! She's found somewhere to live and she'll be back in July. I can't wait! I'll be going out a lot more with her as we're really close and have to make up for all the lost time. Finally all my family will be back in the same city again! :)

My friend moved to New Zealand a few months ago and invited me and my boyfriend to stay. I was planning on going in the next few months but I have to try and save up for the flight.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'm going to the coast one weekend, watching a band concert on another, then flying to the US before summer ends. I think this summer will be very interesting.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Well for the first time in three years, I don't believe I'll on vacation for a week. I'll definitely try to go different places during the weekend, like amusement parks and baseball games.

All in all, I want to have a great summer. I usually do.


The Instigator
A trip to California (I've never been,) possibly a trip to Maine, and other than that.. just camping somewhere here in Vermont, and family bbq's.. all that summer fun stuff. I cannot wait to go swimming, I want to swim SO bad.


Registered Member
I'll be working all summer. *sulk* However, on my rare few days off I'm going to try take in some local-ish fun. Have days out with my other half, my friends and their kids. Go up to Edinburgh Zoo, and further up North for random days out. I'm going to try conserve some pennies, as I'm looking to move house and buy a dog this summer - and go back to Las Vegas for my 25th in September.