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Discuss Summer plans 2013


So, what plans do you have for this Summer?

Are you already on vacation or not? If not when do you plan to be ?

Me and my parents were thinking about going to Spain by the end of the August but we're still undecided about the date and the days of stay. But I think we will stay for about a week or so.


I am the woolrus
Well, all my summer plans are pretty much over at this stage! I had my trip to London where I went to Wimbledon and also saw a Derren Brown show which was absolutely amazing!

Had a few gigs here and there over the summer too. Heading to Blur next week which should be awesome.

Spent most of my time working, but overall it's been a pretty damn good summer! Except for the unbearable sun of course :p


Sally Twit
We're saving up to go to New York in October, so there will be no Summer holidays for us this year. It's a shame as we wanted to go to Bruges, but I know NY will be worth it.


aka ginger warlock
Rather like Bliss I am not going away in the traditional time frame, I am going away with my parents to Prague in October, I am really looking forward to it as not only does it look amazing but it will be the first time I have been away out of the UK for a long time.


Registered Member
My summer plans are just about over too. However, on August 24, my family and I are going to be attending a going-away party for one of my cousins who's joining the army.


Registered Member
No plans as such, I have a week off work for gardening and also got a job interview that week. Apparently I have to get one year older as well, but I might ignore that!


Registered Member
My summer is mostly over, but I'll be headed to Canada and making yet another trip to NYC before the end of my break.

Had a pretty boring summer to tell the truth...


Well-Known Member
We originally had plans to go to California but I believe those have been canceled (just tired of traveling this summer). I think we're gonna end up going to this great amusement park up in Denver one day and then we're gonna go on a pretty epic camping trip into the mountains with jeeps and everything. It should be a really fun trip and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Otherwise we've also considered going to Telluride this summer.


No Custom Title Exists
Summer is still a fair bit away for me but I do have plans though. 2 weeks in Perth with the girlfriend and her family, just travelling down the coast.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't really do summer plans. I work year round so it's nothing special to me. I also don't have kids that are out of school during that time. I did go on vacation in May, and last week I just received 10 days of vacation at work...however, the summer months are our busiest time at work, and it's difficult for me to take any time off. My work load doubles in the summer months.

So, in short, my plans are to work. lol
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