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Summer movie time


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Well it's that time of year again. Summer blockbusters are hitting theaters left and right, week after week, back to back to back.

I haven't seen any movies lately, but I figured some of us probably have. What movies have you all seen lately and what ones would you recommend?

Also, what movies are you looking forward to, etc?

The biggest movie I am looking forward to is X-Men 3. I loved X-2 and have high expectations for this one. I will also see Mission Impossible III eventually but I have no immediate plans.

It costs me about $10 or so after gas and ticket expenses to see a movie these days, so most of the time I just wait until DVD for just $15 total. (Plus I get to own the movie then as well)



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The last movie I saw in theaters was King Kong. So far there is only 2 movies I want to check out. One of them is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and the other one is Superman Returns. After that, I am going to camp out till Spiderman 3 comes out. :D I would like to see X-men 3 but I would have to watch one and 2 first to find out what is going on.


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I think cars will be cute :D hehe


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Has anyone followed the reviews of the divici code at rotten tomattoes? This movie is getting Deuce Bigalow 2 numbers! Deuce Bigalow(part one) actually got a fresher rating than davinci. After all the contraversy, its turns out to be a dog. A friend of mine's church was putting on a answer the davinci code class. I was going to take it, but by the time the course is over the movie will be forgotten.


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I thought MI III really was bad, but then I have a hard time with Tom Cruise these days.

X-Men 3 is great (see my thread).

Don't think I'll see the DaVinci Code. Heard it's not very good. Read the book and was disappointed by the ending.

Thinking about seeing Kinky Boots (from England) and just bought Paradise Now (gotta find some time to watch that one).

I agree on the cost of movies and usually wait for DVD too, but some of the more spectacular ones with special effects, I usually cough up the money to see in a theater rather than my TV.


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Probably the only movie I will see in the theather this year is X-Men III. I have been waiting for this movie to come out and can't wait to see it. Just wish it didn't come out over the Holiday Weekend, because I will probably have to wait a couple of extra days before I get to see it.


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Mr Snipes, check out the thread here on X-Men 3. I went to see it the day after it opened. Andrew's also seen it.

Very cool movie and well worth seeing if you haven't found the time yet.

Somehow I missed Flight 93 ... it was here and then all of a sudden gone before I could get to it. Probably one better watched on video anyway by me.


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I seen Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift last week and that movie was awesome! I recommend that everyone go see it. I went to see click today and that movie was funny. I was reading reports that Adam Sandler is almost 40 years old. He doesn't look like he's 40. I thought he was in his early 30's.


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So far we've seen Over the Hedge, X3, and Cars.

X3 was awesome! One of the only sagas that I can say has done really well with all three movies so far!

Over the Hedge was ok. The kids liked it a lot and I laughed at quite a few parts. The kids werent begging to go back and see it again though.

And then thers Cars... hmm... Yes it was funny. The summer movie event of the year? Newp! I really think Disney/Pixar paid a lot for advertising and then let us down on this one. I guess I have my Disney standards set high like Finding Nemo, and Toy Story. Once again the kids didnt beg to go back and see it, but the Tractor Tippin was hilarious :D


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Anyone seen the new Superman movie yet?

I'd like to see Tokyo Drift, but it's kind of a downer right now 'cause 2 kids just got killed in street racing here. Have to wait a bit before I could enjoy the show I think ...:-/