Summer is here!


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It's officially summer, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. :lol:

I wonder how much the weather will fit the season. Our Spring looked more Autumn. :-/ Anyway, today the sun is shining brightly and it's 26°C outside. Too bad I'm not a summer fan.

Any plans for summer? Do you go on holidays to places where it's colder (to avoid summer temp) or where you can enjoy the warm season better like the beaches?

I think we're staying here and will probably check out the fake Paris beach they put every year by the Seine.


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I pretty much have about 8 months of summer here but its nothing like Iraq's summer lol

I actually am taking off the week of July 4th but not going anywhere. My mission now is to take days off to screw the new physician and this is the start of it. I'm just counting down my 2 years now so I can leave because I'm way beyond pissed off at work now.


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it's 26°C outside.
During the day? That's the current weather, and it's 9 o'clock at night. :D

Summers in Taiwan are about 30-40 C depending on how much concrete and pollution you're surrounded by, and the humidity is insane.

Summers in Dallas are in the nineties and sometimes 100+ F and really dry. We had almost a month of 100+ last year. That was pretty inconvenient to say the least.


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Ooh Celcius! I love celcius. The weather has been 21 C this past week. It's been raining and it got cooler. I'm not looking forward when it gets above 26 C because I work outdoors.


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Yea, summer came in with a bang yesterday with the hottest day so far at 117.

We don't have any huge plans this summer, mostly just trying to stay cool and staying close to home. Gas prices are playing a slight role in dictating the no road trips this summer. We gotta save our money for other things.


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Summer here means it is daylight longer and it rains a little less.

We are getting about 6 hours of darkness at the moment and the weather seems to be all over the place its about 18*C and very windy(30mph) with heavy sporadic showers, no doubt tomorrow will be completely different or exactly the same:-/

Summer rarely goes above 30*C, it usually sits in the low 20's and comes and goes really quickly. The weather does not bother me, its the daylight hours that make the difference.


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its kinda hot around here now, i plan on staying inside for most of the summer, and only leave for food, mowing the lawn. though, my family will drag me outside most likely...cursed daystar...
*quickly shakes fist at sun*
but, hopefully Oregon wont be too bad in august, i plan on heading to Portland for komuri-con
Bananas, where do you live?

I haven't made any summer plans yet. I usually end up doing things at the spur of the moment. If I make plans, they usually end up being changed anyways.


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I hate the summer. I get nose bleeds and headaches if I get too hot so I try and avoid the sun.

I'm not going anywhere this summer because I can't afford it right now. This time last year I was heading off to Paris. It was boiling hot there and the nose bleeds I had didn't bother me because of how beautiful it is there.