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Summer Fayre's/Fates


aka ginger warlock
One thing I will most remember from my childhood for my life is being involved in our local towns carnival. I always hated it as it was essentially an excuse for people you knew to take the piss out of you for looking daft but my mum was one of the organizers so I was kind of forced into it.

So far as I know it doesn't happen anymore which is kind of sad because looking back on it now it was nice to see the whole town out and having a good time together, does your town or village have something similar or is it not really something that is done?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
We don't have one here but when I was a child we have town fiesta every 8th of December and I look forward to the temporary carnival rides (set up at least a week before) and watching the parades. There's also the tradition of going house to house to eat. Everyone is cooking so we go in groups and try out our own houses meal first and then those of our classmates'. It's a small town back then so we sort of know almost everyone (or know someone who knows the people living in a certain house).

Also when I was teens I went to the countryside that has a pig fiesta. That one day, they have roasted pig as main dish plus other buffet type of food. The first two houses was yummy but at the end of the day, I feel like "oh noes, another roast pig". But it is not considered impolite to not have anything so we tried to not get full in each house.