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If you don't like Shounen-ai turn back now!....Go on...SHOO!!

Alright gals!...and maybe guys lol. How many of you have heard of Sukisho? I've just discovered it recently and have been watching eps on YouTube!

Here's a summery from Absolute Anime!

Sukisho is the shortened version of the title. The full title is Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai, which means "I like what I like it can't be helped".

Sukisho is a shonen-ai anime, otherwise known as boy-on-boy or male-gay-romance. If you loved Gravitation then you'll love this. Sukisho is actually an anime based off of a game.

The main character, Sora Hashiba, who fell out of a three-story building. Because of his fall, he lost his memory. Sora gets a new roommate after he returns to school, Sunao Fujimori, his childhood friend, though he doesn't remember him. Matsuri Honjou is Sunao's best friend and another childhood friend of Sora's, though Sora doesn't remember him either.

So Sora is a student at a private school, and although he does know that he recently fell off a third-story building, he doesn't know how it happened or why. Sora does have some suspicions that him falling has something to do with his roommate or the science club president Nagase Kai.

Matsuri Honjou, gets the roommates into all kinds of hilarious situations aimed at getting them to admit their feelings for each other. Making things more complicated than they already are is the fact that Sora and Sunao have alternate personalities. Yoru is Sora's alternate personality, while Ran is Sunao's alternate personality.

And just to make things even more difficult, Yoru and Ran are lovers! Of course, Sora and Sunao are not. But the good thing is the feelings of their alternate personalities seem to spill over into Sora and Sunao as time goes by, bringing them together.

Sounds good, ne? And it IS! I've seen 4 episodes and i L-O-V-E IT!

So go! Go watch!!


love this series...wish it had was so short...the manga for this series is cute too...and they have a scene where fujimori and sora put on a play...very cute you should read it too if u like the anime ^-^


i don't think its liscensed yet but if you go to


you'll find it completed...also short but cute ^-^

juss change the xx to tt ^^

i have lotsa yaoi/shounen-ai manga and doujins...if you want some pm anytime i'll upload some for you ^-^