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Discuss Suislide


One of the things I intuitively do is analyze, correlate, and extrapolate upon current and long running social, political, and technological trends. This is one such extrapolation.

Groups advocating for "Right to die" legislation get their wish. Governments pass laws allowing for assisted suicide for people considered to have poor quality of life due to chronic pain or severe disability. Within only a few years hospital staff in many hospitals begin discreetly encouraging patients with severe disabilities or injuries to consider assisted suicide (but not before ensuring they have signed an organ donor card). Fast forward a few more years... People with chronic depression begin to lobby for the right to be included in "Right to die" legislation, and eventually get their way. Assisted suicide rates are kept quiet, while the media focuses on organ donor rates being way up.

... Thoughts?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Maybe if someone is going to have assisted suicide they shouldn't be allowed to donate their organs. That would stop health workers from trying to talk them into it.

I see assisted suicide as a slippery slope. Who's to say we won't have forced suicide for the elderly or those too expensive to take care of. At first it was only legal to get an abortion in the first trimester now its legal right up until birth.


Registered Member
Assisted suicide causes a lot of problems if it's done a great deal. Some people with chronic pain and/or severe disability who don't want to die may end up getting killed.

And while most medical doctors are legit, quack doctors having more control of who should die, to me, is scary.