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Sui's Sig


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Sui! I finished it^^ It was kinda hard trying to do a sig with at C4D but I think I accomplished it good. There is always room for changes though so if you want any change just put in ur imput ok? Well here it is:

I wonder though....did you still want it to accompany that avie? I can't do arrows like that at all >.< Well for one I haven't learned how to do that yet hehe^^;

But there is one thing I have to say though, ENJOY!


blue 3
Two days later, so for the slow response, haven't really had that much time to get on the past two days. Played four games of baseball...exhausted.

Anyway, I LOVE YOU!! It's awesome! The only thing is, you know the one you sent me via PM, the bottom part (black little box with my name in it) I loved that effect, maybe you could put it in this one. Thats not even a big deal I don't care.

The big question is, can you snag part of the sig and make it an ava real quick, that woudl be swell.

You rock! REP and points comin' your way


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Your wish is my command Sui:

I think I got the changes you asked for right and plus I was able to make an avie yay!*dances* Plus I'm glad that you like it^^ I didn't think that you would like that black strip effect at all >.> It was just something I slapped on there.