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Sui's Photoshop Gallery


blue 3
Well; I just started using Photoshop, but I figured I'd make a little gallery of what I've done so far.

Gimme constructive criticism and such.

The First thing I ever made:

Heres my first non-tut project:

And heres the one I just made. Took about 10 mins max. Used a little of Moose's beginne tut:

NOTED: All of these pictures are purely created by me. I didn't use any pictures or anything


Wow, that's so awesome... O.O I guess you wasted some credits buying a sig from me, haha.

The second one makes a cool bg. I like the thrid one though, I see that skull thing... so awesome.


i didn't like the first one but it was your first, so who could blame you? the second one is great. i love the background. if you add more color or more action to things, i think it would make it a lot better. the 3rd one is nice. although i didn't like the color, the picture is great. it looks like bacteria with a hidden message. great work!


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
mmm the second one is yummy. the 1st and third are iffy though. when you make a black and whit one use dasturate so it doesnt have tose colors because that makes it look iffy


blue 3

This is in my sig I know, just wondering what people think.

Made this one a week ago. Its my background....

I dunno I know this stuff isn't that good, but its been my way of getting to know photoshop. So I'm getting there heh.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wow good job it's a lot better then I could ever do, good job my firned keep it up.


whoa.. on the second (red) one, im not sure if im seeing things. i keep seeing a dragon/bird-ish flying right accross. its a good one. it keeps me guessing lol v.v