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Sui's Gallery


blue 3
Alright, so I just decided to restart it, and make a gallery. Hopefully there will be continual improvement throughout this thing so we'll see.

The Band Sig:

Play Ball:

This one is pretty interesting. I was going to use this picture for the "battle" against Omega, and then I had an idea. I can't use this, because it has color, but the "sun" and the lighting is all created artificially.

Again: Please critique as much as possible, I won't take it personally, and it's the only way I'm going to get better.


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The first one is so like me.....not. I don't walk away. I fight.

But I like it.

I like the picture of the trees. It's awsome, shows the nature is beautiful and people are ruining it

Edit: Oh Yea, I noticed you don't have border on the baseball sig, I suggest you use it..It changes the sig
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