Suicide by milk, live in Chat nao!


Lion Rampant
Let's see how much of a gallon I can drink in under an hour. I have a Chocodile to help me.

Great, there's a fly in here.

Bex said she wanted to see this, btw. Maybe someone with her phone number will give her a quick heads up.
Don't try it, you guys. Don't try it.

Also, Bex would not have enjoyed the audio. Bliss can tell her about that. :barf:
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Sally Twit
Yeah it was not good hearing Tucker blowing chunks. That said... He did drink seven glasses (I believe) of milk in 4:40 which is very impressive.


Lion Rampant
I beg your pardon, ladies. I'll admit that my thinking was not so much "Shut the bathroom door" as "Try to hit porcelain if you can."


Sally Twit
I didn't say I didn't want to hear it. I said I didn't want to SEE it. Anyway, the experience was much better hearing you blow. I said all along you'd be sick and I was right. :D


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Ugh. I had my brother attempt this the other week. Lets just say the bathroom carpet which is usually black was almost completely white, so I can imagine how gross it would have been to watch someone attempt it