Sui Needs a look...period

Hey guys, well I don't really have that many points to give out, but I'm willing to give all the points I have to have someone hook me up and get me a avy and sig. By the way I have 1200 points and I'll give good rep

Anyway, I'm looking for something abstract. Black and white preferably, but any colors work really.

I don't quite have any pictures in mind to use...I wanna see where people go with this.

My name means "One of a Kind" so I'd like to see what you guys could do with that. I know it's tough, and I'll love whomever tries this forever.

Thanks I know I didn't make it easy at all, but give it a shot. I'm really interested to see what happens!!!
I love the avatar, and the siggy is pretty awesome as well. What would be pretty cool, is if you could stay with the avatar and have the arrows point upwards (maybe have that little thing on both ends of the siggy) and then soething along what you did in the middle. My name or one of a kind or whatever.

I wanna see what other people do (if anyone else does this) but I'll definatly use the avatar so I'll send you 500 ok?