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Sultan of Swat
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Well it's time for one of our mature discussion moderators to go Under the Microscope.

1) Whats your favorite Major League baseball moment?

2) Would you like to play in the Major Leagues?

3) Who's your idol?
Michael Jordan said:
Whats your favorite Major League baseball moment?
Oh man, thats a hard one. There are so many to choose from. I'd say in the past decade or so, George Brett's Home-Run, melt-down, and then re-established. That was pure baseball. I loved his reaction. Really, there are too many to choose from.

Michael Jordan said:
2) Would you like to play in the Major Leagues?
Of course! That would be a dream, I know it's hard work, but it's something I've always dreamt about. At this rate, I may be able to make it to the minors if I get stronger and faster (and lucky)

Michael Jordan said:
3) Who's your idol?
Thats the easiest question you've asked. I'd have to say it's my mother. I know thats cliche' but she's worked two full time jobs for the past three years to make up for my stepfather being unemployed. She's an extremely caring person, and knows how to bear stress like non-other. Without her I wouldn't be the way I am.

Fresh said:
1) Favorite MLB Ball Club

Sad but true it's the Kansas City Royals. I'm a helpless romatnic and the thought of them actually doing something decent in a season makes me happy. What can I say I'm a product of home town propaganda.

Fresh said:
2) Peanut Butter and Jelly or Grilled Cheese
You should be a journalist. All these hard-hitting questions...

Hm..I'm going to have to go with Grilled Cheese. I'm always partial to warm food.

Fresh said:
3) Your Dream Car
I've always wanted an ItalDesign Schigera. It's a beautiful and extremely fast car. You should look it up some time. That or an Acura NSX. More realisticaly would be any new car that has good gas mileage.

Alex said:
What Football/Hockey/Baseball team you follow?
Football: Kansas City Chiefs, Philly Eagles, Saints, and Dolphins (off and on)

Hockey: Red Wings (off and on)

Baseball: Royals, Mariners, Reds, Cards, Phillies and Blue Jays.

Alex said:
What are your life goals?

Goals. Hm. To be successful, I want to have a loving wife (on my way) and have a good (stable) job. Hopefully working in Sports Business. Who konws we'll see. I've always wanted to be an off hand writer. So we'll see how that works. Otherwise not much, just your typical life, and enjoy the small things in life.


rainbow 11!
If you could have sex with any celebrity you wanted, who would it be?
If I loved you, would you love me back.
Only if you can make babies. No, you're a cool kid, maybe, our sex life would suck though!

If you could have sex with any celebrity you wanted, who would it be?
Thats a toughie, I don't know if I can decide. Natalie Portman is absolutely awesome. I've spoken with her on more than one occasion, and she's a really down to earth celebrity. It helps that she's insanely attractive, and I have a feeling the sex would be great.

That or maybe Angalina Jo Lee (or however you spell it). I've heard she's supposed to be one huge freak, and everyone needs atleast one freak in their life. I think it'd be the most interesting sex with a celebrity.

Top 5 Food?
In no order,

Japanese (sushi)

Top 5 Books?
The Count of Monte Cristo
Everything Changes (can't remember the author I'm horrible with them)
Any Dan Brown book
Harry Potter's (Yes cliche' I'm a loser)

Top 5 Baseball Players?
Jackie Robinson
Ken Griffy Jr
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Lou Gherig (I spelled that wrong)

Thats a little mix of ol' and new school.

Top 5 Basketball Players?
Mugsy Bogges (Destroyed his name I know)
Kevin Garnet


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ohhh i just relised they created a thread for u

well i recently relised that u like scrubs(its under your interests thing in your pf), and that's 1 of my favorite shows XD

who is your favorite character?

what is your favorite episode/scene?

do you have any favorite quotes from the show?


Sultan of Swat
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Wow Sui I am really surprise on the players you have chosen for your top favorites. I agree with all of them and respect them espically Griffery(he's my favorite) but I am really surprise, especially with Shoeless Joe Jackson. He might be ban from baseball but he was an amazing player. I can go on about the other players but it would take to much time.

Now back to the questions:

-If Ichiro started playing in the Major Leagues at 20 years old, do you think he would have more career hits then Pete Rose?

-Who do you think is the best home run hitter of all time?( dont take stats into account in your decision)
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