Suggs' cheap shot on Brady

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Merc, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Merc

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    YouTube - Suggs Cheap Shot on Brady

    Why has nothing been done about this yet Mark Sanchez gets hit with a $5,000 fine for a similar low shot? The entire Ravens team were a bunch of babies about the whole game and this went entirely unnoticed. Then the Ravens had the balls to complain about the roughing the passer calls. To me, they were nothing but a bunch of sore losers looking for something to distract the media from the fact that they should have won that game if they weren't so busy flopping around in the spilled milk on their sidelines.

    Brady said it best. He basically replied to all the Ravens' complaining by stating the obvious: the Pats have been hit with a bunch of roughing the passer calls this year as well and there's nothing that can really be done about it. It's the ref's opinion and it evens out over time.

    I'm really getting sick of this "preferential treatment" bullshit too.

  2. micfranklin

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    Mark Clayton not catching the ball on 4th and 4 was why we lost the game.

    Anyway we got flagged for that "cheap shot" so you can't say nothing was done about it, if anything there's a whole bunch of shit that screams "preferential treatment" in the NFL. Example, since when does a coach get a penalty for complaining about a previous penalty?

    Jeff Fisher if I recall, completely went off on the refs during the Titans-Texans game earlier this year and there was no flag.
  3. Millz

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    So what would you like to be done, Cons? There was a roughing the passer call on Suggs on the play...

    He didnt hit him hard enough to warrant a fine IMO.
  4. Merc

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    The Ravens were a bunch of high schoolers in regards to how they acted during and after the game. The Patriots got plenty of shit calls in their previous games but they're mature enough to know there's no point bitching. The penalty was against the Baltimore Bench, not just the coach. All of the players were whining, yelling, complaining and bitching along with their loudmouth coach.

    And yes, if you read my post, you would know that nothing outside of the penalty (like I said) was done even though Mark Sanchez got a 5K fine for a similarly low hit.

    People just like to bitch about the Patriots because they get so much attention. I agree, the coverage is ridiculous sometimes and I often get just as sick of hearing about them as I do when hearing about Favre. However, this "prefential treatment" thing is a lie propagated by sore losers.
    It's about punishing the action, Millz.

    If a guy walked up to you on the street and swings a baseball bat at your head and barely misses, should he just be allowed to walk away? Of course not, you call the cops on the guy and get his nutty ass behind bars! Suggs is just a punk looking to vent some steam after his team played a very shaky game against an equally shaky team that continues to get better each week.

    People love beating up on the Pats just like people beat up on the Yanks. I can share their pain now after being a Pats fan for over a decade, I now realize the shit Yankee fans must be put through.
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  5. micfranklin

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    Pats had a couple calls go their way this past week and they had a couple go their way the last time the Ravens played them. Sometimes the refs see things and sometimes they don't, just look at the Steelers-Seahawks superbowl if you wanna go there.

    Really, 'cause all I heard was John Harbaugh yell "its a bullshit call" and next thing you know there's a penalty, which further proves his point.
  6. Millz

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    Didn't they punish the action with the flag though? Or does that not count? You're right that people hate on the Pats and that must suck but they did punish the actions for the low hit...even though he barely touched him.
  7. Merc

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    Well, you missed the part where the ref said, "Personal foul, Raven's bench."

    A bunch of them were mouthing off and if you do it enough at any stadium, the refs will stick it in your face which is exactly what the Ravens got.

    They punished the moron who threw the ref's flag, yeah.

    Also, do you want me to repeat the bat story, Millz? Seems like you've ignored it. Doesn't matter that he just brushed Brady, it was a cheap shot and a dirty play from a dirty player. Once again, anyone going to read up on Sanchez or am I just stating this for no reason?
  8. micfranklin

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    I watched the video of Harbaugh going off, they called the penalty on for the "Baltimore Bench," which I assume is only referring to the coach because he was the only one I saw cussing the ref out, which is bullshit in itself. Really, outside of the penalties the Pats got lucky in this game because our receiver forgot to catch the ball because I guarantee if he did the Ravens would be 4-0.

    And I like how people start calling other players punks or thugs or whatever, like shit doesn't happen in football and like their own team's players haven't done that shit ever in life. Guess what, it's football: you get hit, tackled, thrown down all the time so get with it.
  9. Merc

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    That's a real convenient way to cover up a dirty hit. Just make it sound like everyone does it all the time. That makes it okay, right? I never said the Patriots are a virgin team, like they've never had players who have dished out late hits or low blows, obviously all footballs are going to have scumbag players. I simply think the Ravens ran out of tissues in the locker room and it's sad to see such a good team go on television and get so whiny about the refereeing when it's well known that all teams get fucked by them. The Ravens are acting like they're the only ones.
  10. Millz

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    So you want Suggs fined $5,000? Is that what you want? The bat story is fine, if it applied. Football is a dirty game and stuff like that happens...swinging a bat gets you put in jail and this does not. I mean if you could throw a flag at someone for swinging a bat at my head then that would make this entirely different!

    I'm not saying Suggs' intentions weren't dirty (technically the play itself wasn't dirty because he grazed Tom's leg). I mean yeah, if you can fine people over INTENT to injure then you've got a real good case here.
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