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Suggestion please~!!


New Member
could you please suggest me any alternative rock band :) thank you


Registered Member
Welcome to the forum. :D

Cage the Elephant - Always epic. New "Tell me I;m Pretty" album drops next month.
Arctic Monkeys - Older band but totally progressive.
Donots - German band
Grandtry - German band
Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii - Russian band
Mumiy Troll - Russian band
Metro Station - Dropped new album last summer
The Rocket Summer
Bi-2 - Russian band
Faber Drive - Canadian band
The Strokes
Fairground Accidents - New band
Sum 41 - Old band but "Screaming Bloody Murder" pwns
Thirty Seconds to Mars

Thats all I remember atm. Did you want only current bands or older bands too?
Im all over metal atm so not keeping up much with alt rock.


New Member
thank you sooo much :)

I like to try to listen different kind of music and I'm just start to listen this kind of music lol

Now I'm addict to 30 second to Mars, Green Day. I think there're lots of bands that I haven't listen. thank for sharing! :D