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Discussion in 'Ideas & Support' started by alapimba, May 23, 2005.

  1. alapimba

    alapimba Registered Member

    Hello i'm a newbie in this forum but i have allready read a bit about the questions and aswers, everybody here seems to be very friendly.
    I'd like to suggest one thing to level1.. i guess level 1 users should be able to post questions related with "how to do this and that on ebay". ask help and that kind of stuff. when someone register in this forum while they don't have enought posts they are a bit losts.. just my opinion as a newbie. anyway this forum rulez!

  2. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    There are some changes coming up in the near future that I think you will like alapimba. :)

    That's all I can say about that... :D
  3. alapimba

    alapimba Registered Member

    When they come i hope to be in level 3 or 4 but i'm sure it will be cool for newbies like i'm at the moment :)
  4. Julie

    Julie Registered Member

    I don't know if I like the idea of Live Chat. If we did that, wouldn't everyone be in different chat rooms instead of posting with each other on here?
  5. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    well thats true . We have the area 51 thats the same as live chat .And you can still be on the forum at the same time
  6. ecnotek

    ecnotek Registered Member

    I was thinking the same thing tonyspoker. It may take away the fun and interest. I THINKKKKKK
  7. mart1

    mart1 Registered Member

    When I was learning the ebay ropes, I went to their "live help" chat line. It got me through some things I really didn`t understand. They are friendly & can guide you through almost anything. Don`t get me wrong I love the people here, but maybe you could do that till the changes here are made!! And I agree this forum is great !!!
  8. alapimba

    alapimba Registered Member

    I have to disagree in that fact.
    The ebay forum is really bad, don't even let you know when someone reply to your thread.. very confusing. AS is much better. I hope it gets even better with the new sections that i hope to see here soon ;)
  9. caringlady2

    caringlady2 Registered Member

    I have been on ebay for about 2 monthes and just learned about a week ago how people get the word out on the auctions and get so many watchers and hits! I was just making the listing before and not trying to advertise it at all outside of ebay! I am finding all the boards and sights now that feature and submitting my auctions and of course my hits have gone up big time and so have my bidders! I just wish I had found out this stuff in the beginning! I had a great auction that only got a around 200 hits and went for .99 just being listed on ebay. It was for the tip of my cats tail that had been cut off! The title was A peice of Pussy!
  10. mart1

    mart1 Registered Member

    What do you mean "get the word out" If there is something you know that I don`t, Please Tell Me !!! I am still working on that one !! I haven`t been a serious ebayer till recently, (Job Ended). I need all the help I can get !! I do mostly speciality books, craft books & other items !! I need to get my auctions up !!!! That auction is just toooo Cute !!!!! Wish I had seen it !!! LOL

    Wasnt talking about the ebay forum !! I was talking about the "Live Help" for dealing with ebay situations !! I have received instant answers to any problem I have had with ebay. It is on the Home Page !! They have sure helped me !! Any problem I have had they have answered immediately !!!
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