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I was at the post office just now and while I was waiting in line I saw a suggestion box. It could've been a complaint box or a compliment box.
Whichever, not really important.

I wondered if you find you are unsatisfied/satisfied with a service or want to make a suggestion and they happen to have a Box for it, would you write to them?
Would you take advantage of it and write up silly things as well?

The first thing I would do if I was unsatisifed with any given service and they didn't have such a box, I'd suggest they make one. :lol:

Generally though I don't bother unless I'm really not satisfied, I hardly ever bother to make a suggestion or compliment in writing - I do that verbally.


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If I see one in a place, I will only write something up if it is either really good service or really bad. I wouldn't really write anything silly in there, just a waste of time.
I'm ten times more likely to use it when I'm unhappy than when I'm :). What a negative old sod I am. The last time I used it was to complain about the waiting time at a hospital appointment. Usually I wouldn't bother, as people do run behind sometimes but this old battleaxe had a face worthy of reporting on it's own. I remember throwing in a few silly feedback notes when I was a kid though in a feeble attempt to throw a spanner in the works. I remember putting in a note to say one of the staff were cute too, which I probably copied from a film of some sort. Ahh, what a wee little swashbuckler I was.

I can't recall putting a positive note in the ol' box. The nicest thing I'm likely to leave behind are a few fries on the table for the waitress to finish. You're welcome.


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When I'm extremely pleased or extremely disappointed, then I'd write something on the feedback form and drop it at the suggestion box. Other than that I usually express my thoughts verbally.


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It depends, if I'm extremely pleased or they really pissed me off, yes. I know the people who pulled my wisdom teeth were amazing, so I left them an equally amazing comment thingy haha


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Never, I'm far too lazy to make a legitimate complaint. It would have to be really lousy service before I'd even think about whinging.

What I'd probably do is say something to one of the members of staff, that would probably get more recognition anyway.


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I have to laugh because I just got done writing a big long complaint about a Best Buy Employee who helped me back in December when I bought this laptop. I was going through some old receipts from 08 and I saw I was still eligible to sign up for this drawing that ends this month (feb-09) and so I went ahead and started it up.

At the end there was a compliment/complaint box about the Best Buy employee that helped you. I'm assuming that since there were 3 codes I had to put in, that will show exactly who helped me at each station. So yeah, the broad that helped me there was rude, so rude it still chaps my ass almost 2 months later. So I actually took the time to write out a long story about what went on and how I was neglected until I finally pulled her away from her love affair with the other BB Associate and then when I finally got her attention she treated me as if I were a nuisance.

:hah: so yeah in the case of someone that crappy... I will take the time to write out a complaint. I've even on the receipt left a really good tip for this Waiter we had back in Nov '08, but on the receipt I wrote a thank you note about how we come to the restaurant often and that this was the best service I'd had in a long time hence the overexaggerated tip.


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I will fill one out from time to time. Most of the time I will just complain to the manager but if I am truly satisfied with an employee and how they handled my needs I will try to give the employee a complement by using the suggestion box, I have even been known to go the the manager and give the employee a complement as well.


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I don't think I've ever made a complaint. My dad usually handles all of that - haha. It's funny, since I moved out he is still always the one that offers his services when it comes to complaining about things. He has written many letters to various companies complaining about different things and never failed to get a response.


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If I have a pen, then I will write out an honest comment. If there is no pen, I don't worry about it at all! There is a restaurant by me that gives you a comment page with a pen so you can fill it out with the bill. I love it! I think its a good idea.