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When it comes to boxing a lot of people fill strongly about saying Sugar Ray Robinson is the best pound for pound boxer to ever live. I'm not going to lie his resume is impressive and speaks for itself. But I was wondering what were your opinions on Robinson.

If you believe he was the best please tell me why.

If you disagree he's the best tell me who was, and why.


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I think you already know my thoughts on this but I will re do them

Sugar Ray Robinson was in simple terms as close to perfection in the ring as anyone could be, he had speed in his hands, feet, movement incredible power in both hands, a solid chin, fantastic technique and the heart of a warrior.

Born Walker Smith Jnr in georgia in 1921 his family moved him to New York as a teen to get away from the prejudice in the south, it was here that he found boxing in a harlem gym borrowing a card from a freind to use the gym, the friends name being Ray Robinson.

He had an amazing amatuer career winning 85 registered bouts,69 by way of KO 40 of those in the 1st round (in total he 125 amatuer bouts but some were unregistered), in 1940 after winning the golden gloves championship Robinson turned pro.
He won the welterweight title in 1946 beating Tommy Bell for the vacant belt and held the title for five years before moving up to middleweight and winning the title.

He held the title five times between 51 and 60, he was 38 the last time he won the title.
He had over 200 fights and unbelievably was never actualy knocked out his career ended with a record of 175- 19- 6 and two no decisions.

He had some amazing fights with another big name,Jake Lamotta the two met each other six times in the ring, lamotta ended Robinsons winning streak by beating him in there second fight.

Watching Robinson in the ring is something special he had amazing power and accuracy and could throw multiple combinations that simply destroyed people, he had a devastating left hook would could KO on the end of an assault or from a single shot.


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Wolfheart has high lighted some major facts as to why he is so highly acclaimed.. In his 1st year as a pro he fought and won 26 contests..

He won undisputed world titles in 2 weight divs, but had there been L/welter, L/middle & S/middle divisions, he'd have been a 5 weight champ..

At welter he was untouchable & never beaten.. I'd say he was the best of all time in this division..

He had most of his fights at middle, where he won and lost the title a few times.
Most of these defeats (19) were avenged, with some, more than once..
I think only Paul Pender had the better of Robinson at championship level, but by then, Ray was in his late 30's, ring worn & way past prime.. In fact, most of his defeats came, when he should have been retired..
I wouldn't go as far as saying he was the greatest middle of all time, but he's pretty darn close.. Don't think he'd have got past Carlos Monzon, but he was capable of beating all of the others..
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