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Sued for "stealing" somebodies wife?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Granted, stealing somebodies wife is not the best decision one could make, but where I come from there is nothing "illegal" about it. Immoral perhaps, sure thing, but in a recent case it has become a big issue.

Jerry Fitch, $22 millionaire Mississippi businessman is being sued for $750,000 by the ex -husband of the woman he had an affair with, and later married.

The millionaire and the plumber’s wife - TODAY: People - MSNBC.com

Do you think the ex-husband has a valid case? He claims Jerry Fitch is responsible for his wife leaving him. Well that may very well (and seems to be) the truth, but is that illegal?

Mississippi courts have already ruled in favor of the ex... It looks like the Supreme Court could end up deciding this. It could also be a groundbreaking and precedent setting case IF the judge rules in favor of the ex-husband.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I think if your going to sue this guy for sleeping with your wife you may aswell sue the concept of free will. Even if Jerry Fitch could be considered 'responsible', he didn't make her have an affair with him or leave her husband, surely she made these choices herself. A wife isn't an item of property so she couldn't be 'stolen' so to speak. The ex obviously feels burned but I bet the fact that Fitch is a millionare is playing a much larger factor in this than the 'emotional damage' of losing his wife. It just seems to be a knee jerk reaction today to sue which is a very sad fact of our times.


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Okay, this is just stupid, it probably wasn't all the miliionare's fault, the wife needed to show some self control.

She is just as at fault as the man is.