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Sued For Sending Text to driver that wrecks


Free Spirit
Staff member
To me this don't seem right that you could be sued for sending a text to someone that is driving and it caused a wreck. This woman sent this man a text and he ran over someone because they tried to reply to the text. Now they want her to be held responsible for the wreck. I would hate to see a law like this get started or this type of law suit. How can you know someone is driving and even if you do should it be your fault if they reply to it while driving? What do you think about this case?

Woman Being Sued For Sending Text To Driver Involved In Reckless Driving Case
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AKA Ass-Bandit
That's fucking bollocks. As you said, how is someone meant to know that someone's driving when you send a message to them? Are we supposed to develop psychic powers or something? If this goes through, it'll set a completely stupid precedent.


Registered Member
That's one of the most idiotic reasons I've ever heard. Like said above, how was she supposed to know that the guy was driving in the first place? And, in all honesty, I think she could have waited for a few minutes, so the driver could have pulled over and answered her text in peace. Just because he got a message doesn't mean he has to answer it straight away!


Registered Member
I agree that this lawsuit is beyond stupid! Even if the woman knew that the man was driving, she shouldn't be held responsible. It was that mans choice to read the text while driving, let alone decide to reply to it.

This man is a disgusting person and needs to learn to take responsibility for his own actions.