Sued for posting negative feedback on eBay


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Brix, did you sell your clock? :)

Yeah this lawsuit is going nowhere fast...I have no idea what the guy thinks he's accomplishing other than piling up lawyer fees.


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I bet it was planned like that from the beginning, to be honest; coax someone into leaving negative feedback, then sue 'em. :-/
On the other hand, a lot of people are just as willy-nilly about eBay as they are about the rest of the internet --> It might be good to see some affirmation that what you do on the internet actually has ramifications for other people in real life.
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If it turns out the guy isn't telling the truth he should be punished in some way, but being sued for $15K? Seems a bit much.


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i think the seller was upset that he no longer had a 100% positive feedback and thats why he is suing. the buyer had a right to leave a negative feedback. I wonder what was written as the feedback.


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I agree that the neg was warranted as long as it wasn't a blatant lie or something else ridiculous. Some people take their 100% ratings way too seriously. I would buy from anyone with a 95% or higher without even thinking twice about it. That's still pretty damn good.
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Being a business owner past and present, and knowing how good my customer service was back when I owned my own computer store....I really have a hesitation towards companies with a 100% feedback, there is just something dishonest in it, I do not care how many times you put the customer first, how many hoops you jump through, and how many losses you take....someone somewhere is just not going to be happy enough for what you did for them...and it is usually the ones that you are jumping through the most hoops for too....that is my two cents any how :cool: 100% feeback just isn't natural.....

Now for the lawsuit because of bad joo joo beans....well all I can say is, one if the complaint is valid they better not even justify it with a proper listening, and two if it is valid why would you want to publicize your screw up to such a degree? :rolleyes: