Sucky Ass Movies

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by RarePD, Aug 23, 2000.

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  1. RarePD

    RarePD Registered Member

    Any of the 3 Ninja Movies.
    Baby Geniuses

    Surf Ninja's (But damn, Kelly "I think that's her first name" Yu is one hot piece of you know.)

    The Talanted Mr. Ripley
    Alien Nation
    The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
    Air Bud: Golden Receiver/And the sucky ass basketball one, God I hate that dog.

    Heck's Way Home
    Fried Green Tomatos

    Any movie staring Barbera Steisend or whatever her name is.

    And any movie that women like which has no guns, no violence, no blood, no nudity, and just romance.

    This is my list of really bad movies, and or actors.
    These movies should be banned, or maybe the directors of these movies was just high on crack.
    If I think up anymore i'll post 'em.

  2. PaulZ108

    PaulZ108 Registered Member

    Those non violent romantic movies that women like are called chick flicks. :smile:

  3. RarePD

    RarePD Registered Member

    A monkey playing hockey, oh man that's beyond stupid.

    And Paul, I hate her too, that's what I put down Bicentenial Man or whatever it's spelled on the list.

    Though, she was in Pauly and that was a pretty good movie.
  4. RarePD

    RarePD Registered Member

    Ooops yeah thats what I mean. Have you seen it? How slow and dull is that flick? I can't stand movies like that. The only part I liked is when he split open that dudes face when they were in the boat.
  5. Lifter84

    Lifter84 Registered Member

    are you #$%@#$%@#$%@#$%@ing crazy rarepd!!!!!!!!! bicenntinial(sp?) man was an awesome movie!!!! it was better than green mile, and it never got boring or anything.
    the movie almost made me cry at the end. lol
    P.S. i am serious
  6. RarePD

    RarePD Registered Member

    :laugh: I thought it was cheesy.
  7. Lifter84

    Lifter84 Registered Member

    i thought it was going to be dumb at first, but when i saw it it was an awesome movie.
  8. RarePD

    RarePD Registered Member

    Yeah I guess your right, it wasn't that bad, i'll take it off the list now. :laugh:
  9. Pianobone

    Pianobone Registered Member

    What about Super Nova? I saw that movie in the theaters and I kinda forgot about it but then I saw it at BlockBuster and I was like "Dang- that really sucked."

    IF you haven't seen it you might want to- I mean it was okay, but it seemed overrated I guess.
  10. Lifter84

    Lifter84 Registered Member

    Re: Sucky @#%$ Movies

    starship troopers was an awesome movie!!!! it was one of my favorite movies also, cause it had EVERYTHING a movie should have. lol and funny: ive never cried at a movie, i just get to the point of about to cry. and thats only happened twice. :smile:
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