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I don't know about you guys, but I love the fact that a lot of movie companies are making such famous marvel and DC comic characters come to life like X-Men, Spiderman and Superman. I especially love the new superman movie and I don't even like superman!! The graphics in most are amazing and the plot line for the latest superman was that classic hero over coming both a internal struggle and that with the villian. And of course...the guy that plays Superman/Clark Kent is HOTTTTT!!!! But ya know...that's just me.

What's do you ppl think?


I hate Superman comics, but I've always been a huge fan of the movies. They manage to keep a good level of Camp without becoming overly cheesey. That and they don't fall into the Realism "trap" that comic book movies fall into.

Yeah, we need REALISM. No colorful costumes, fantastic powers, we need to tone it down.

Arg.... It worked for Batman Begins. But not for X Men. Spider Man hasn't fallen into the trap and is probably the best of the recent superhero movies. I wonder why?


Sultan of Swat
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I love hero movies, but I am not talking about X-Men or Spriderman or Superman I prefer, like Rocky or a move with Arnold in it, that's the kind of hero movies I like. Don't get me wrong I like Superman, and others but I perfer action heroes.


You know, it didn't even dawn on me that Rocky and such movies were Hero movies until you said something. Hahahaha. I'm not a huge action movie fan, but I think there's few out there. Isn't there one with Arnold called "The Last Action Hero" or something along those lines?? that was a pretty good movie.


man am I a sucker for those movie, anybody seen darkman? so weird to see Liam Nielson say "shit" and "fuck"

I'm watching the Heroes serie lately it's pretty good.