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I am sure a lot of members eat Subway. If you do, what do you usually take?

Here's my order.

Foot Long Steak and Cheese on Italian Herb and Cheese Bread(toasted)


Green Peppers
Lots of onions
Swiss Cheese
BBQ Sauce
Salt & Pepper

How about you guys?


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Mine vary a lot but most of the time I'm ordering the same things like

Wheat bread, ham, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and extra, extra, extra mayo or

Wheat bread, turkey/ham, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and extra, extra, extra mayo or

Wheat bread, tuna provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and extra, extra, extra mayo.

That's what I normally stick to.


Sally Twit
Chicken and bacon ranch on hearty italian bread. I have it with lettuce, onions, cucumber and tomato sauce. It's heaven in a sandwich.


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I always get the spicy Italian. I have them toast it with pepper jack cheese. Then I get lettuce, tomato, pickles, olives, onions, jalapenos, oil and vinegar and salt and pepper.


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I love Subway.. so much.
My order differs though. The chicken bacon ranch is absolutely delicious. I used to get that all the time on Italian Herbs and Cheese, with green peppers, tomato, pickles, and lettuce.
But lately I've been getting the meatball sub on Italian Herbs and Cheese with no veggies, and Chipotle Southwest Sauce with the Maranara Sauce.
Mmm... so good. I think I might take a run to Subway now actually. haha
I love their food more than some of their prices. I have pretty much anything with meat in it though. Ham, Chaos, Chicken. If be there meat, in me I eat.


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Subways aren't as in demand here though because it looks like our baguette sandwiches that you can already find in a lot of places (bakeries and specialised sandwhich stores). But since I usually get tuna sandwiches, I order the same thing from Subway, simply called Thon.


Son of Liberty
Pastrami on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread. Swiss Cheese, and everything except cucumbers. Extra Vinegar and Oil.

I've always been a sucker for hot pastrami sandwiches and will literally throw a tantrum when they tell me the dreaded "I'm sorry sir we're out of Pastrami today" AHHHHH I hate that!


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My favorite right now is a 6 inch turkey on honey oat bread topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and honey mustard. I'd really prefer swiss or provolone on it, but they stopped serving those types of cheese at the Subways here :mad: