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Anyone heard of or been to a subway? im on about the food place here by the way. They Sell baguettes and healthier food than mcdonalds/burger king/kfc. and it is A LOT tastier!
I had a 1 foot long, hearty italian baguette with chicken breast sweetcorn, lettuce, cucumber. toasted with cheese and barbecue sauce for £3.99 last time i went :)


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Yeah, they have good food there and it's said to be pretty healthy though I've never actually looked at the nutrition facts. I think they also have pretty good prices and it's nice and quick.


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Are you talking about this Subway?

Official SUBWAY Restaurants' Web Site

If so then I am also a big fan. They can be a bit pricey at times but their food is really tasty. I always put everything on my sandwiches when I get them there.


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Yup that subway. I prefer it to any other restauraunt hah. It isn't all that pricey for what you get really.


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It beats the Welly Kebab Shop.. Just!
Both are nice, but Subway is more filling, and more healthy


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the kebab shops better becasue i dont have to go taunton all the time althlough a subway in welly would be cool


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I like Subway a lot. It is my favorite fast food restaurant.


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I like Subway, it's good for a change, but I prefer Quizno's more. It's something about fresh food that makes my stomach burst with joy.