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Amusing Substitute Teachers


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We've all had substitute teachers, some of them were great, some were terrible.

Some of them are bad, like this guy...


but some are awesome.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Ms. Connely - After our Chemistry teacher got fired (literally for being a psychotic racist), we had this sweet old lady as a substitute for an entire semester. We knew more about science than she did so we sort of just taught her all semester. It was really strange but super fun :lol:

Mr. Slocum - This guy was awesome. He'd bring a referees whistle to class and if he needed everyone to shut up he'd just blow the whistle. It was piercingly loud and everyone would shut up immediately. We had this guy for PE once as well, it was volleyball day. The guy's like 75 years old and stood by as a spectator until he noticed that one of the guys on the class was super cocky and generally unsportsmanlike. In steps Mr. Slocum, no correctional behavior given other than him trashing this kid at volleyball. It was excellent fun to watch :)

Anyone have some good (or bad) substitute teachers?


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I always loved having a substitute teacher especially when the regular teacher was a tyrant. The ones I had usually didn't make you do much so you pretty much had a free hour to do what you wanted. Well almost what you wanted you usually had to study or read a book.


That was rather amusing d'dah'vee.

As for sub teachers, only one was memorable. When I was roughly 13 I had a physically abusive home room teacher (a lot of drama ensued on account of my persistent and vocal protest). One day I came to class and figured I was going to get a break from dealing with this dickhead when I saw that I had a sub. Well, at one point he was talking and decided to emphasize his point (whatever it was) by picking up the yard stick and jabbing me repeatedly in the gut. I snapped it from his grasp and broke it over my knee telling him nose to nose that I put up with enough of that crap from my regular teacher and wasn't going to put up with it from him. The rest of day went without further incident. I was left wondering though, where do they find these a$$holes?

- Cham
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