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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Not talking about Youtube Channels, or newsletters, I'm talking about stuff like the WWE Network, Hulu, Spotify, ect.

For me, it's just the WWE Network. I think it's well worth it to be honest. I pay $11.99(CND) a month and I have a ton of Wrestling content.


Registered Member
If only TELUS made it available in Quebec, I would've subscribed to the WWE Network a long time ago. And most definitely would be watching the on-demand stuff non-stop.


Netflix, Stan, Presto.

Stan and Presto are basically like Netflix but Australian-only ones. I also have a paid subscription to a local news website, which gives me access to more content and has no limit on amount of articles I read etc. As well as monthly specials and deals.


Registered Member
My main ones are the aforementioned WWE Network, Netflix and Spotify. I am also subscribed to:

Ciniworld Unlimited
Odeon Unlimited
British Film Institute (like netflix but specifically for foreign and genre films)
Simply Syndicated

I am tempted to get Amazon Prime but I am put off by the pricing structure and would love to be able to get Hulu.


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I actually don't think I have any subscriptions right now. There are some times where I'll buy a month or maybe even a year of Xbox Live, but right now my friend and I are sharing. And I'm using my other friend's Netflix..

I have now learned that I have good friends, and that hopefully one has Hulu.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I currently have Netflix and Amazon Prime. There's enough stuff on those that I would love to cut the cord on cable if it weren't for live sports.