Subaru WRX STI's


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Has anybody here ever driven one of these or known anybody who had one?

I like them and hope to get one eventually. They are expensive though even if you get them used.

The cheapest I have seen them is $10k with a good 100k miles on them.

The one thing that bugs me is that they aren't made in green, my favorite color for cars.


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A few of my mates have had one. They're ok, but i'm not a huge fan of subaru's. I haven't driven one, but i've been in one. Not that comfy, although the one I was in was a sport / rally version which doesn't have half the conveniences of the normal? ones. Funny you mention them not coming in green, I think i've only seen them stock in blue, white and silver. Maybe you'd have to paint it if you got one


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They also come in black. It's annoying though. Repainting one would be a few thousand and I don't know about you but I don't have a "repainting the car" budget lying around. :lol:

I'd probably go with black if I ever get one.


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I love them. I would definitely get black with bronze/gold rims if I were to ever get one (I'd get the older model), but they are one of the cars I am looking at. Although, I think I am more inclined to go with the mitshubishi evo at this point. But I have a few more months before I am thinking of moving on to a new car
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No idea, I know at my school I see Subaru's all the time that look liek that. There a are a bunch of car club types that stick around, mainly with Tuners and stuff like that. But I definitely have seen those around. Mostly rich white kids that get 'em trying to look like the people that drive the Rice Burners, they put the stupid stickers all over 'em and have the carbon fiber hoods and what not. Either way, I personally havent driven one, dont think I'd be all that interested though... I'm more interested in Modern American Muscle.


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I've driven 2 STi's and they are fantastic vehicles! Super reliable, fast, strong, AWD, and HELLO BOXER ENGINE!


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From what I know they're fairly unreliable compared to most Subarus. They require a lot of regular maintenance because of the nature of the turbocharger and you have to run them only on premium gas.

I'd get the Forrester 2.5 before I got the WRX STi. It's a more practical car.


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Good luck getting one new... from what i understand from friends that own the sti's and the regular wrx they have killed the impreza line which is were the wrx and sti falls, they have also canceled their world rally team... so if you plan on buying on in the future u'll have to snag a used one and because of this the prices even on used ones are going to rocket.

btw i have driven several wrx and 1 sti. they are awesome and if i had to choose between a evolution or a sti i'd go sti hands down sepcially the new hatchback one, a lil to outa my pricerange and their are more powerful cars that are cheaper imo.