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sub or dub?

what would you prefer, subs or dubs?

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  • doesn't matter.. they're all the same

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what would you prefer, subs or dubs?

I would of course choose subs because I'm already so used to listening to an anime speak Japanese. I get really used to the Japanese and would think it is really awkward when I hear the dub version.


Problematic Shitlord
Not to mention there's just something unnatural about it when a japanese oriented show is in english.


A Darker Knight
It doesn't matter to me. Sometimes dub is better and sometimes sub is better.

And with Jap. VAs, they're all...Japanese.. English voice actors can produce much more of a variety of voices. That's one thing I like about dubs.


blue 3
I don't think that Japanese VA's are as limited as you'd think they are. There are some pretty amazing ones out there that actually pull off American voices perfectly.

Although as far as I'm concerned about 80% of the time I"d choose a Sub over a DUB anyday. I hate it when they get some really crappy VA to translate. It really ruins the anime.


sub > dub, end of story ... seriously, if i find someone post they like dub more, i bet you they havent watched sub


I like dubs :D

Why? that's just my preference is all, however I do like the option to be able to watch in Japanese with english subs.


Likes snow
I watch dubs more, if for nothing more than the convenience of being able to multi-task better, byut there have been times where a new episode started, and I didn't even realize that it had switched to japanese and subbed. I like both, except where the dub is terrible, then I stick to thge subbed version.

Then there are shows like FLCL, where the dub and sub are almost the same, voices and everything, with the exception of a few jokes that don't translate.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I'm mixed about this. Sometimes I prefer dubbed to subbed because I find the english voices fit better than the japanese voices. Sometimes I prefer subbed to dubbed because the japanese voices fit more.

And then there are times that I will download a fansub because the dub misses out stuff, or isn't as great as the original.


Registered Member
Well I would say sub. I watch everything in dub then sub.


If It's just me watching, I'll likely watch it raw. If it's friends, I'll throw on a subtitled. Not many people I know here in my group of friends are fluent.

If I buy a DVD, it's solely for DVD quality footage for AMVs.