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Stupidest thing you've purchased on Ebay?


Son of Liberty
Generally similar to impulse buying, what is one thing that you've purchased on ebay that you managed to convince yourself was the deal of a life time or that you just HAD to have it?

I've got a decent laundry list of things I've won on ebay, there are quite a few things I'm not all to proud of.

The absolute stupidest thing I can think of that I've purchased would have to be my label maker. I never use it, even when I did it didnt function like I had planned for it to. Worst part about it was I found the same label maker in town the next week for 5 bucks cheaper (not even counting the shipping).


Wanna play?
I really had planned on using it for a sculpting project once upon a time, but mine would have to be an ostrich egg.


Endangered Species
A samurai sword....well a cheap imitation of a samurai sword.

cost 1p and £4.99 shipping.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Barney slippers for my son (shipped from the US, so shipping was more expensive than the product price)...he never used them but the kids like to play with it as a toy now.


Registered Member
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for the Xbox.

Paid full price for the game on eBay when it was first released. I got caught up in the bidding that after all was said and done I ended up paying $6 more than I would have, had I just went to the store and bought it. Also, it was a horrible game that didn't meet any of my expectations.


Sally Twit
I've only ever purchased a DVD from eBay, but I was a witness to my sister buying a wedding veil. It looked gorgeous in the picture and was very misleading. It was cheap but when it came through the post it looked like it came off a doll!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I would have to say a Silver Decepticons logo ring. In the auction it looked Awesome but when it arrived and I saw it up close and put it on, it looked like a ring you get from a Bubblegum machine.

So now it sits at Megatrons foot in my display case. It only cost me $4 for the ring and $3 for the shipping so $7 bucks total.