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Stupid things you wonder about


#1 Spammer of FC
I wonder how the human mind can let us hate one person but spend the rest of our lives with another person
I wonder if there will actually be an Armageddon
I wonder what makes people murder other people
I wonder how the human mind works
Your nails and hair are dead cells......if someone's nails and hair grows faster than someone else would you be able to say that they will die sooner or that their cells replicate at a fast enough rate they might live longer?


Undead Intellectual
I wonder why:

People are so fucking stupid.
We still aren't doing anything about global warming.
Kiera Knightly hasn't asked me out yet.
And why I haven't beaten FFXII or the new Zelda.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Nos it's all about leveling up and having certain items to beat certain stages in a game, but if it's those little mini puzzle games I suggest that you have advil on hand with something to keep you from killing your poor game >.>

I wonder why the in the world are there so many reality shows out there.
I wonder why the hell people rig the hell out of other people's votes so the loser is the winner.