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Stupid things you do in video games


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In final fantasy tactics i use my game shark to push ramza to the aboslute max in everything. and then destroyed the final boss in a total of4-5 moves. before the boss can even move


Chirp Chirp
My favourites have already been named but some others I enjoy:

Shooting or otherwise attacking friendly NPC, usually in FPS. Even if it results in gameover, it's almost always worth it. I actually think less of a game when I can't shoot them.

Metal Gear Solid, boy could I amuse myself there. I remember playing a second run through on MGS2, I think it was, with the stealth suit and messing around with all the soldiers inside the ship. Throwing grenades in, barrel rolling into them like skittles. I spent ages goofing around there.

I like being able to spawn things myself in games. Just flood the screen with the same item/enemy and then see what happens. Oblivion is fantastic for this.

I absolutely LOVE having vast amounts of remote detonation explosives in games. I will build walls of them. I remember goldeneye on N64 was one of the best for this, as you could shoot one and the resulting explosions, if lined up correctly, made some pretty great chain explosions. Destroying the environment in general is fun too.

Mistreating characters! On the few occasions I have played the sims, for example, I always end up making rooms of torture. I'll throw a couple of people in and watch them pee all over the floor and break down. Perhaps I'm just psychotic though.

Destructable vehicles in a racing game is usually a bad idea too because I *will* try and win a race by driving the wrong way and wrecking everything (usually myself too) that heads my way.

Spraying words on walls with your gun amuses me too. There's just so many things. I could rabbit on all day. I think some of my most favourite games are the ones that allowed for some creativity of my own.

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I'm playing World of warcraft and kill random NPCs all the time, guess that pisses off the alliance a lot as I play horde. I also randomly go /afk for awhile and see if any low levels try to take advantage of me haha, its pretty funny when i come back and i see they have taken 10 life away from me out of 10k.


Chirp Chirp
Didn't even consider online games! WoW is definately great for amusing yourself in random ways. A good ninja pull now and then is great for the spirit. :D Pulling entire instances and aoeing. Well there's almost endless creative things I've seen and done on there. Stopped playing a while back though.


Man i would never dare to ninja, that in my opinion crosses the line haha.
For the people not familiar with what is a ninja its someone who takes an item they don't need or completely master loots the corpse of a boss. Man worsts fights happen when people do that haha.
I have heard of warlocks enslaving Brutalus, man that would be really really fun.


Chirp Chirp
Nooo I agree! lol. Ninja looting is most definitely evil. Ninja pull though, when you aggro a mob (or almost always loads, in this case) and make your tank scream. Our guild used to do that to one guy in particular in our guild runs. He was a warrior and pretty awesome at that but boy did he know it. He had a real ego so we'd try and take him down. Luckily for him, he almost always survived. :lick:

That Brutallus enslave was hilarious, seen that before. Happened on a PTR. Funniest thing I'd actually been a part of was Kazzak being pulled over to Stormwind. Wasn't the original but a copy cat of it on Quel'Thalas EU I believe it was.

I'll stop the WoW talk before we're lynched though!

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For any GTA game I just run over and kill people just because.

Super Mario 64: jump/fall off of high platforms to see how long I fall
Jak II and 3: kill the guards just to see how long I can avoid dying without losing my wanted level.
SOCOM 3: using random weapons on enemies.
Battlefront I and II: dropping grenades and launching myself over high areas to see how I fall.


Ms. Malone
On one of the Need For Speeds my cousin and i would get the fastest car find a long straight and play chicken; just to see which one would flip when they hit XD


Not really stupid. More like to be a (friendly) dick. But sometimes, when playing multiplayer with a mate on a console, while he's not looking, I fiddle with the P2 control options and make the controls do nothing, and then I beat the shit out of him in the game, with him going "WTF, It's not working!"

I only do this when I feel like having a laugh. So I don't constantly do it every time.