Stupid things you do in video games

Playing a game is great and all, but sometimes you just do stupid things to keep yourself entertained. What are they, and what game do you do it on?

For me:

:+: Zelda (Any) - When I get bored while playing Zelda I usually attack chickens with the sword. One day, I learned that they send their "friends" in if you hurt them too much. I learned the hard way. :blackeye:

:+: Grand Theft Auto: SA (PS2) - Getting in a car and running innocent folk over, flying in a plane, jumping out and pancaking on the ground and blowing stuff up to get my wanted level as high as possible.

:+: Road Rash (Sega Genesis) - This was long ago for Sega. I use to wait for the cop to pull up next to me and punch him off. I do the same for the regular AI computer racers, but hurting the cop always made it extra fun.

:+: Need For Speed (PS1) - Crashing into traffic sending them into other traffic. Stupid, I know. It was fun, though.

Aww, I'm easily amused.

What about you?
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-Random genocide in Oblivion is my favorite.
-Camping on top of a tall building with a full stock of ammunition in GTA: Vice City and seeing how long I can survive.
-Only using a noob tube and RPG's in CoD multiplayer.


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-Random genocide in Oblivion is my favorite.
haha i do that too.

"Stop you have violated the law!"

I always get killed though cause I haven't played much.

I do random things in Old N64 games such as glitches and trying to get to places that you can't normally get to.


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The Grand Theft Auto games are perfect for doing stupid things. Killing people, trying to get a high wanted level, jumping from planes, riding motorcycles, etc.


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I've only ever done that in GTA. I'd use the cheats to make everyone carry a weapon, I'd get myself a tank and just blow everything up... It's funny when the police crash into you and they just blow up. I've often got the sniper and blown a few heads off.

Fun times.
Oh yeah, in morrowind there's a scroll that epically boosts your jumping abilities. Unfortunately, they only last like, 10 seconds, so they expire well before you land.