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I am sure that all of the schools that you went to had stupid rules. Well lets here a few of them.

I went to a french school, and they had a rule where you couldn't speak english in the hallways, and if you got caught then you got a detention.

Wearing hats in class, personally I never understood this rule, why wouldn't they let the kids where hats in class.

What about you guys?


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At my high school you couldn't have cell phones with you at all. It doesn't matter whether you ever get them out or not, it doesn't matter whether they're on or off, if you have one on you when they do a search it's instant detention and a taking away of the phone.

Unfortunately, this happened in my Algebra III class in my senior year. The girl sitting next to me's phone vibrated for a text message. Somehow the teacher heard it. The teacher asked who it was, and the girl never admitted it. So the teacher called up the administration... They came up and made everybody on my side of the class :)rolleyes:) pull out their phones and gave us all detention.

Yet a few weeks later somebody on the other side of the classroom's phone RANG. The teacher was in the classroom, and she acted as if it never happened. How in the world could she have heard a vibration, but not hear an phone actually ringing. It was loud too. She definitely had to have heard it. But the administration was not called up, and nobody got in trouble.

Now I hate the cell phone rule. It's understandable to not want kids pulling out their phone and calling somebody right in the middle of class, but the only explanation for the rule is "so students won't use them to cheat."

How many people actually go through the trouble to somehow find a way to cheat with a cell phone during the middle of a test? How can the teacher not realize that somebody is using a phone anyways? I know that people hide them, but really it was obvious anyways.

Again, I can understand not wanting students calling people in the middle of class, but just having a phone with them gets them detention? That's just ridiculous.
My gym teacher didn't let us wear clothes during P.E. It was really weird!

Our sixth form had the silliest rules though. We weren't allowed to wear jeans but could wear sports clothes or any tacky looking old muck. We weren't allowed clothes that were too baggy, though (?). You weren't allowed to dye your hair at all. Rings were allowed but no chains. Just lots of little contradictions. I almost felt we should have been awarded a certificate just for making into assembly each day.


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I went to a Catholic school. In October we had to pray the rosary daily before class starts in the morning. If you're late, you're required to pray it alone in front of the principal's office while the classes are going on. Talk about getting education!


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Until high school we weren't allowed to wear hats at all. Then in high school certain teachers wouldn't allow them. I wore a hat everyday, so it pissed me off.

Needing a hall pass to go get a drink of water or go to the bathroom is ridiculous.

I know there's a lot of other stuff I thought was bullshit, but I can't remember right now.


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Why would you even want to wear a hat indoors? It's not raining and it's not cold. So what's the purpose of wearing a hat indoors?


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Some people like to wear hat indoors, I don't wear hats just because of the sun, or I'm afraid that it's going to rain on my head. Either way the sun is going through the hat, and so is the rain.

I wear them because there comfortable to wear. I've been wearing hat since two years old, and I love them.

That's why I would wear them indoors.


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I can't remember any from when I used to go. So lets go more recent. My old school always allowed students to wear polo shirts during the summer. Makes sence, it gets hot in shirts. Latest headmaster, however, has prohibited them, even during summer.


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If you were late without an excuse first period at my high school, you were forced to miss the class and got zeros for everything that occurred during that period.


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Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's because I was raised to take off my hat while indoors. I mean, it's no big deal but it's just something people do nowadays that I don't see the point of. But then again, men don't stand when a lady enters the room any more either.