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Stupid rotten pants!


Registered Member
I don't like mountain biking in shorts (I get cold easily and I like to go through brambles!). This year, I'm having a horrible time finding pants to ride in! All my comfy pants are either boot legged or cropped -- cut just right to get caught in my gears or chain! Arghh!

The boot legs I can clip or tuck into the socks (so stylish!), but as the weather warms I want to wear cropped cargos, and they are a menace! They are fine just enough to lull me into a false sense of security, then I hit the wrong incline and the ends get tangled.

Just thought I'd vent :) Clothing manufacturers should make more than two types of pants per season!


Registered Member
Aren't there pants out that are long but that unzip right around the knees if you wanted to change them into shorts? I know they have them for kids but not to sure about adults though.


New Member
I've seen some cropped sweatpants that have elastic at the bottom...they are pretty comfy, and the ends are tight against your skin so they shouldn't get caught.