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DNC host's tax-free gas evaporates : Updates : The Rocky Mountain News

Remember how the Democrats decided not to vote for the gas tax break, well apparently they just wanted the citizens to have to pay the taxes. The DNC was caught filling up at city pumps and avoiding state and federal taxes. The city pumps are for cops not politicians.

Apparently this "would seem" to be illegal.:confused:

After they were caught they came up with a great excuse, "I do know for a fact that they're doing the same exact thing in Minneapolis," Basically they are doing it so we can do it. There is no evidence that the RNC is doing it but if they are doing it as well then they should be in trouble as well.

This makes me mad. I think that rich politicians should not be exempt from paying taxes that everyone else has to pay!:mad:


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It just shows that no matter your status, gas is a problem and people will always try and find ways around it.


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This is stupid...politicians aren't above paying taxes. They already get special healthcare, isn't that enough?

Dem, Republican, or anything sucks to do this.


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Just goes to show how corrupt our government is.

I love how this thread is titled. "Stupid Politicians." Seriously, we might have better luck if we identified the "smart" ones instead (No Obama and McCain don't belong in this category).

Anyway, I hope people aren't stupid enough to reelect these guys.


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Mayor Nutter is a stupid poltician that comes to mind :rolleyes:

Here is a guy that told his police department to enforce gun laws that the Philly city council passed in defiance of state pre-emption law... even after the anti-gun DA said the laws are unenforceable since a city ordinance does not come above a state law.

He still told the police to enforce them anyway :shake: He should be arrested for breaking the law.


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Oh how we love to blame government for our problems - it absolves us of our own roles. We expect government to work miracles, and cut taxes, too. We call them all crooks and wonder why they live down to our expectations.
How about a truly representative Global Internet Government? The "one world conspiracy" folks will choke, but... does the Internet make it possible for us all to play a role in how society develops? Or would most of us rather just play on our XBoxes and listen to our iPods... and whine?;)

By the way, Google "Global Internet Government" and check out what a fellow Bend resident says. Um... it's NOT what I mean, but it did get me thinking;)
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