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Stupid Jerks!


Well-Known Member
Some volunteers were building a sandcastle to help raise money for some sick kids and 2 stupid vandals had nothing better to do and destroyed the sandcastle. I do agree that if they are caught, that they help rebuild the sandcastle. Better yet, they should be buried in the sand and have the kids kick sand in their face.

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Secret Agent
Staff member
That's annoying. Hopefully the vandals get caught. There aren't a lot of people worse than vandals in my book. Completely selfish jerks if you ask me.


Heavy Weapons Guy
Maybe they should be buried up to the neck in a sand castle's dungeon


Well-Known Member
I think that I would just punch the guy in the face for doing that. Any good judge in court would understand the reasoning behind that, I think... Maybe you could build a sand castle in front of their car so big that they can't run it over, I would like that.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
There's always that one person who has to ruin things for everyone else. Kinda like that kid in middle school who liked to lick your apple because he wanted it.

*runs away crying*